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" Really Awesome Software! I easily manage the car maintenance schedules for 4 vehicles ( BMW 325, F-150 truck, 30 ft motor-home and an old 2001 Kia Sportage) As you can imagine just trying to keep up with the maintenance schedules for all these vehicles is almost impossible but Car Care Pro makes it easy! I absolutely love the email reminders and the way it automatically saves a parts list for maintenance & repairs has saved me a lot of time trying to remember what oil, filter etc I used during the last service. Also, the Cost of Ownership report is brilliant... now I know which vehicle is the most economical to drive. Thanks again for a wonderful product!"  Ed Haines, San Francisco
" I've downloaded hundreds of programs for my computer over the years and Automotive Wolf Pro is is definitely one of the most useful pieces of software I've ever used. The interface is very easy to use and understand and the functionality is superb. I was able to setup the maintenance schedule for my new car in less that 5 minutes. Using the software is a breeze and it certainly makes taking good care of your vehicle a "no brainer"."  Carl Miller, St Louis MO
" I bought Automotive Wolf Pro for my father to help him manage the vehicle maintenance for his small trucking company and he loves it! He says it's already saved him thousands of dollars on repairs. So I bought one for myself too "  Rick Stevens, Weston West VA
" I tried several car maintenance programs and Automotive Wolf Pro was the best by far. All of the other programs were a nightmare to navigate, way too complicated and most were full of bugs. I knew minutes after installing your product that it was the right one for me. I had everything setup for 2 vehicles in minutes and was adding fuel records to track my gas mileage. The reports are great and will make it easy for me to sell one of my vehicles when I'm ready to buy a new one."  George Sanders, Danville Kentucky
" I just purchased Automotive Wolf Pro and got my car maintenance schedule configured in a few minutes. Super easy and intuitive! I will be tracking maintenance and expenses on all 3 of my vehicles including my boat. The vehicle health gauge is a great idea and very informative. So far I'm loving your software." Pete Spencer, Seattle Washington
" Hey guys. I just wanted to lt you all know that Automotive Wolf Pro just saved me thousands of dollars on my 1998 Amigo. It sent me a reminder to have the timing belt checked so I had my mechanic take a look at it on a recent service visit. He said it was very close to breaking and would have ruined my engine in seconds if it did fail. I had it replaced and I'm back on the road still going strong at 151,000 miles :) Hooray and THANK YOU!"  John Borington, Twin Falls Idaho
" I just sold my 2006 Ford Mustang with 140,000 miles  in just 3 days because I was able to show the buyer my excellent maintenance records thanks to Car Care Pro. As soon as they saw I had taken good care of my vehicle over the years they decided to buy it at full price. " Thomas Mangaro, Sparta Tennessee
" Keeping a detailed car maintenance log for my vehicles has always been a major pain in my butt but your software really makes it easy. Being able to scan receipts for car repairs and maintenance and link it to the records keeps everything well organized and easy to find especially if I have a warranty claim. This vehicle software is simply indispensable.Greg Schwartz, Vaughn New Mexico



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